Product Description

This chair is the icon of classic contemporary furniture. The sitting ball specially designed in 1989 for the House of the Future is even now still as futuristic. If you could say a chair has a personality this would be the one. This is most eye-catching for distinctive interiors.  

Available in three sizes 

  • Dimensions (cm)
    Width: 86
    Depth: 84
    Height: 73
    Seat depth: 60
    Seat height: 41
    Back height: 40

    Dimensions (cm)
    Width: 78
    Depth: 76
    Height: 66
    Seat depth: 54
    Seat height: 37
    Back height: 36

    Dimensions (cm)
    Width: 59
    Depth: 59
    Height: 52
    Seat depth: 42
    Seat height: 29
    Back height: 29